We look forward to meeting you in person at CMASJ!

Our goal is to provide visitors with a safe and enjoyable museum experience in an atmosphere that is optimal for viewing art and learning about social justice movements which then inspires action that leads to positive change within the communities of each visitor.

Below are guidelines that have been put in place to facilitate access to museum services, public safety, and ease the traffic flow of all visitors within the Museum.

During times of high volume pedestrian and group tour traffic in the Museum and corresponding fire safety and evacuation requirements, the Museum requires compliance with the following guidelines.


Photography/videography is allowed for personal, noncommercial use (except where indicated). No flashes, tripods, or selfie sticks.

Food and Drink

No eating, drinking, smoking, or sleeping is permitted in the Museum. Eating and drinking are permitted during exhibition openings and events when provided by the Museum. Sealed food and drink containers are allowed if they are packed away inside a bag.

Infant Feeding

We allow breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in all spaces. The Museum does not provide any dedicated spaces for feeding.


Strollers are allowed unless otherwise noted for specific exhibitions.

Lost and Found

For all things Lost and Found while you’re at CMASJ, ask any staff member at the front desk. If you need to contact us about lost items after your visit, please email info@cmasj.org.


Animals are not permitted at CMASJ. The only exception is for service animals on a leash and under their masters’ control as authorized by applicable law.


Disruptive noise is prohibited. Visitors with electronic/sound-producing devices, including but not limited to cellular phones, PDAs, Game Boys, et cetera, will be asked to turn the volume down.


The use or possession of any type of weapon or explosives is strictly prohibited.

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